It's me, Eppo!

This page is sort of a way for me to keep track of my various projects, and a way to share them!

Steam Next Fest June 2024: My 3 Stand-outs


Another Next Fest has come and gone. The sheer tonnage of beautifully crafted demos is overwhelming even for the most diligent player, so allow me to present some games that I feel are worth keeping an eye on.

Read the whole post here!

Site established \o/


Finally found some time to put into this page! I'm hoping to include some more detailed teardowns of my tech projects and more useful resources, but currently I'm happy to just catalog whatever I'm working on and what I've done in the past.

I'll also design some custom buttons etc. in time. I can't get bogged down in the "extras" right away tough or I'll never finish anything, and text based sites are nice too so you're welcome ig? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯